Dental life line  has been a leader in the profession in adopting the most advanced disinfection and sterilization techniques available. These are used for each and every patient to prevent the transmission of the  infectious diseases.

All of our dental instrument including our hand pieces are sterilized to 135 degree Celsius using a vaporizing effect created from high pressure pushing heat thoroughly all over and through every part of the instrument, even a very tiny spaces. International sterilization standards are ensured with all dental equipments autoclaved and maintained using CE certified sterilization units. All staff is trained in infection controls and practices these techniques meticulously. What isn’t sterilized is simply disposable.All our staff involved in patient care use appropriate protective garb such as gloves, and masks. We perform weekly monitoring of our sterilizer systems and have never had any test showing incomplete sterilization. We seek out the very highest quality materials and techniques in constructing any devices to use in your mouth. All needles and syringes used in our centre are disposable. The glasses used for rinsing and towels used as aprons for the patients are disposable too. The sterilization methods used in our center are: autoclave (steam under pressure), dry heat oven, chemical vapors (commonly called a chemiclave). These measures are carried out thoroughly and constantly and demonstrate our commitment to your safety.