Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

A healthy smile is like a mirror. It reflects confidence, youth and vitality. At Dental Lifeline, its our goal to help every member of your family to look and feel their best- starting with a sparkling smile.

In this case, we designed smile with veneer – with maximum conservative approach (minimum cutting of teeth) done.

Broken teeth in accidents can be buid-up again using composites within first sitting.

Badly broken down teeth can be again rebuild and restored to normal look and function with the help of crowns. There is no need to extract even badly decayed teeth if gum condition around them is healthy.

Teeth become mobile when the bone and the gums surrounding them is lost due to gum diseases and poor oral care. These teeth can now be made firm again by splinting them together using strong fibers which are not visible to anyone.

Teeth lost due to accidents can be treated with all-ceramic bridges which look as natural as following.

Smile Designing- This patient’s smile was unaesthetic because of no show of upper teeth while smiling. The smile is improved by proper planning and giving crowns to the upper teeth.

Malformed teeth can be reshaped to mare natural look with the help of composites.